Saturday, April 20, 2013

This is what we get with a disarmed society

As reported by The Truth About Guns:
Police blame a modern game of tag called "Humans Versus Zombies" for wasting public safety resources this week after two reports of gun calls tied to the competition.

The game pits a zombie team against a human team, which tries to "stun" the zombies with Nerf guns to avoid getting tagged. After police met with students about concerns with the guns, players chose to ban using them for the last leg of the game, which wrapped up Friday night.

About 230 people are participating on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus this week, part of a competition played on campuses across the country.

A passerby reported an automatic weapon on campus Thursday morning, and UW Police responded, only to find out the gun was a toy used in the game. It was the second such call in as many days.

"It is an absolute waste of police resources," said Marc Lovicott, a UW Police spokesman. "Most of our officers went out there because it is a serious incident."
This occurs because the gun control lobby has made such inroads against the uneducated components of our society [usually referred to as vacant-eyed, slack-jawed, mouth-breathing oxygen thieves], convincing them that firearms are evil.

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