Sunday, April 14, 2013

Will Todd North's family get a free ride on Air Force One?

No. No he will not. Because Todd North used a firearm in the defense of others....and that simply doesn't fit the narrative of demonization that the Administration [with your tax dollars]...and the media...are pursuing.
An 18-year-old high school student retaliating after being kicked out of a local bar returned with a pistol early Sunday morning and killed the head bouncer [and former Marine] and injured five patrons in a spray of gunfire and bullet fragments, investigators said.

Jonathan Richard Pugh, 18, of Havelock, faces an open count of murder in connection with the shooting death of Todd North, 39, of Havelock, both Acting Havelock Police Chief David Bratton and District Attorney Scott Thomas said at a Sunday afternoon press conference.

Thomas said the investigation shows that “Pugh got into a fight, and he and one man with him were escorted by North and another bouncer into the parking lot where some additional words were exchanged.”

“He apparently calmed down and left the parking lot in a car, but shortly afterward came back, walked to the door and started firing,” the district attorney said. “North fired back, attempting to keep Pugh from entering the bar, but was shot three or four times. His body will undergo an autopsy on Monday.”

h/t to This Ain't Hell


  1. Under this regime, of which the media are a part, anything that doesn't fit the Left's gun-control meme is not permitted. Period.

  2. The 'Newtown families' are about one step away from moving from grieving families worthy of our thoughts, prayers and whore for partisan agendas.

    And when I say 'Newtown families', I'm refering to those who the Administration has feted in pursuit of their aims...not those who oppose ignorant gun control legislation that we aren't seeing in the media.

  3. They'll play this that it is useless and reckless to attempt to defend yourself or anyone else.

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