Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Blogging Lull

I'm obviously not a professional Blogger, but I try and keep my loyal readers entertained and informed as best I can. I too, rely on other Bloggers to circulate information relevant and interesting to those who think generally as I do........except for those who are diametrically opposed to my ideology....and ironically, I rely on those as keep me grounded, and to better inform my own position. Unlike many [it seems] I appreciate the opportunity to reevaluate my assessments. It either cements or crafts my position, to always be aligned with the moral imperatives outlined in the Constitution.

All that being said, I must apologize for my downward trend in posting of late. My day job has me focused on terrorism within the Pacific Area of Responsibility [AOR]....and soon I will find myself tapped to lend a hand in the Counter-Terrorism shenanigans with the Africa AOR, in a deployed capacity.

I want to take this opportunity to link a few sites that I turn to for some interesting conversation and distraction [not an encompassing list, and I'll try to add some more].


Western Hero

The Truth About Guns

Shall Not Be Questioned

Sharp as a Marble

Gun Free Zone

New Jovian Thunderbolt

Of Arms & The Law

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