Sunday, October 13, 2013

Veterans man the barricades in DC.....

...and relocate them to the front lines; in front of the White House.

I should have gone to DC today.


  1. Very cool. I also saw a pic of Vet with two artificial legs on a segway hauling a section of fence.

  2. Good for them. They should take the barry-cades and use them to surround NPR and other obvious liberal support agencies that are still sucking up money.

  3. "barry-cades"...oh, well said! I hadn't heard that!
    And yes, you should have gone to DC! I didn't know anybody was moving barricades to the WH. Good for them.
    I guess the shutdown just wasn't hurting the average American enough so Obama is making sure it does.
    Glad SOMETHING is finally backfiring.

  4. EXCELLENT move, all you dear sweet Veterans! God bless you all. I would have flipped Barry a bird in the process just to make sure he gets the message.

  5. The cheers for CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE -- especially against the OBAMA administration.

    Three cheers too for Ted Cruz. May the whole nation soon go on STRIKE till the Fiend is and his rotten cohorts are finally OUT of the White House, and OFF our backs, God damn their souls.


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