Monday, May 25, 2015

Cittadella, Italy

On the way to Cittadella, I eye-spied an interesting structure.

The Villa Valmarana (also known as Valmarana Scagnolari Zen) is a Renaissance villa situated in Lisiera, a locality of Bolzano Vicentino, Province of Vicenza, northern Italy. Designed by Andrea Palladio, it was originally built in the 1560s.[1]

The villa was nearly totally destroyed during World War II, but has been rebuilt. Even before the war damage, the building did not closely resemble the plan which Palladio published in his I Quattro Libri dell'Architettura (The Four Books of Architecture) of 1570, possibly because Gianfrancesco Valmarana, the architect's client, died while his house was being built.

Here is what it looked like in better days.

Cittadella is a medieval walled city in the province of Padua, northern Italy, founded in the 13th century as a military outpost of Padua. The surrounding wall has been restored and is 1,461 meters (4,793 ft) in circumference with a diameter of around 450 meters (1,480 ft). There are four gates which roughly correspond the points of the compass.

A house on the outside, taken from the wall. Just thought it looked pretty cool. 
Hard to see, but poppies growing along the outer embankment. On Memorial Day. 
Just who do you have to be to on and mansion inside of the walled town of Cittadella? Yes, that's a car elevator on the right  side.

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