Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Apperently, the halls of Congress are a battleground in the invented/fake/alleged 'war on Christmas'

“I hate to report all this to you,” Mr. Reid told reporters at a news conference at the Capitol, “but you know, there’s still Congress after Christmas. So if the Republicans think that they can stall and stall and stall that we take a break, we’re through, we’re not through. Congress ends on January 4th. So we’re going to continue working on this stuff until we get it done, or we have up-and-down votes and find that it can’t happen that way.”
True statement......we're paying their salary to work, not to sit on their asses and drink eggnog for twleve days of Christmas. But wait....

Mr. Kyl added, “ It is impossible to do all of the things that the majority leader laid out without doing — frankly, without disrespecting the institution and without disrespecting one of the two holiest of holidays for Christians and the families of all of the Senate, not just the senators themselves but all of the staff.” 
Is your holiday [which is a made up date based on Pagan solstice rituals anyway] on the 25th or not? That's the only day I get off from work.....


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