Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Leadership and how to honor it.

The pair, along with filmmaker Tim Gray and baseball great Curt Schilling, are trying to raise enough money to build a statue of their commanding officer, Major Dick Winters, at Utah Beach in Normandy. It was there that E Company, under Winters’ leadership, parachuted behind German lines and captured four big German guns above the beach, saving many lives.

The statue of Winters will be a tribute to leadership on D-Day.

Winters pulled off the attack with only about a dozen men, famously calling “Follow me!” as he led the assault. Winters, who lives now on a farm in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, is in failing health.

“That attack was so good, it was, it’s taught today at West Point,” says Guarnere. Winters “deserves it [the statue]. I think he deserves something before he dies. I don’t think he’ll be here next year, I doubt it.”

If you’d like to donate to the statue project and accompanying documentary about Winters, you can go to this website:


  1. That's commendable, thanks! We seem to be honoring a lot of people lately that fell through the cracks until now. They all certainly deserve it.

  2. Yes, the soldiers of D-Day deserve to be honored in every way possible.


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