Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What causes Homosexuality?

Part of a rather lengthy discussion I'm having regarding the repeal of DADT over at Lightfighter has shifted to the cause of Homosexuality...specifically is one born that way, or is it s a choice?

A far more learned member than myself stated:
Ask a closeted gay teenager if they're terrified of coming out of the closet at high school, and if their decision to find the same sex attractive is a conscious decision.

2. Look at an assortment of gay females and sometimes you can see a definite difference in physical appearance, bone structure, and body type from their peers.

As a straight scientist, I firmly believe that there is a genetic biological component to homosexuality and we just haven't mapped it out yet.
My layman's corollary to that:
Homosexuality is far more than the sexual act. Just as is heterosexuality. It is the chemical/emotional attraction to the specific gender.

The very definition of choice implies that one could feasibly go in either direction. In other words, those here who state unequivocally that it is a choice, must then posit [to be logically consistent] that they at a certain age decided that they would be more attracted to women than men. Being a choice, they can then decide to be chemically and emotionally attracted to men at any other time in their life.

I don't know about anyone else, but I've always been emotionally and physically attracted to women. There was never a choice in the matter for me.
What do you think...and why?


  1. I concur. It is not a choice, in any meaningful sense of the word "choice". Heck, I don't even "choose" what sort of women I find attractive; I either find them attractive, or I don't.

  2. Very good point, one that hadn't even considered.

  3. All the things I could have accomplished had I not been slave to my attraction to women CI.

    Looking back, it was worth it. Thanks DNA.

  4. Sexuality doesn't slice up into neat little packages of "straight" or "gay."

    The problem with the anti-homosexuality arguments doesn't lie with the rejection of attraction as non-voluntary, but with the assumption that gender is simple, and configures readily with anatomy.

  5. Some gay folks reject the gay gene theory too:

  6. @JM....I was intrigued by the piece you linked really made me think. I'm not sure if my mind would be changed bu his position, because I'm unsure if he is unique in his orientation [he doesn't believe he is]. said it Brother!

  7. I would like to know how many of those who believe you have a choice in sexuality also believe you have a choice in your personality. I can go from introvert to extrovert, but I need alcoholic help.

    How many men who distrust or even hate gays would love to interrupt a lesbian couple? Do these heterosexual males choose to be attracted to lesbians the same way their homosexual counterparts decide they want to sleep with other men?


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