Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A small victory for British citizens

Homeowners win right to use lethal force on burglars: 'Disproportionate levels of violence' backed
The long campaign to give householders the right to use maximum force against burglars will end in victory today.

Chris Grayling will announce he is changing the law to allow people to use ‘disproportionate’ levels of violence to protect themselves and their families.

The Justice Secretary said it would ‘dispel doubts once and for all’ over the right to fight back against intruders.

The new rules could, in some cases, allow for lethal force.

The move is designed to remove the threat of a burglary victim being arrested – let alone charged – if they use violence to drive the intruder away or stop them from advancing through their home.
Daily Mail

Now, if the British government would see fit to allow their citizens the proper tools for defending oneself in a free society.....that would be progress.

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  1. It's about damned time this gross violation of the fundamental right to life and property was stricken down.

    It is absurd to expect a homeowner to do a weapons comparison at three AM and in the dark.

    If it's in my house uninvited and it ain't a family member, it'd dead.


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