Friday, October 26, 2012

What makes a man

You know, I tire of the superficial definitions society throws out there for “what makes a man”. Such as “the clothes make the man” or “the watch makes the man” or “the shoes make the man” or “the (alcoholic drink) makes the man” or “you become a man” when you have sex.

None of that superficial nonsense has anything to do with “being a man”.

Your character makes you a man. Your integrity makes you a man. Treating others — especially women — with respect makes you a man. Taking personal responsibility for your actions makes you a man. Dealing with success with humility and dealing with failure with maturity and resilience makes you a man.

Manhood comes from within.
Michael in MI


  1. Blasphemy! Heresy against the consumerist "bible"!

    Edward Bernay's is rolling over in his grave!

  2. What makes you a "man" are the charities that are supported by the products that you buy.

    Like a Chevy "Volt".

  3. (In that particular case, it's the Union owned politicians) ;)

  4. I've always said you become a man when you stop trying to prove you are.


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