Friday, October 5, 2012

The latest from the excuse machine

First there was the 'liberal media' meme [an enduring piece of political furniture], then came the "skewed polling". The latest preemptive excuse for a possible Romney loss in November is the claim that fact checking organizations are tilted in the Democrats favor.

If the GOP would simply come to terms with the fact that in general, it's ideology is superior to the left [not counting civil liberties], but it's practice is no better than their opposition; instead of wasting so much energy trying to perpetuate themes that already resonate with their base.....they could grow the party to a point where a middling candidate like Romney could beat someone like Obama and the string of poor economic decisons for the last four years.

When Democrat politicians piss down my leg, theres no doubt that it's piss. When the GOP does the same, I get told that it's merely raining.

Perhaps I shouldn't expect more from a party that uniformly takes an entity that is both corporately controlled and must absolutely have the neck and neck info-tainment stife to feed it's business model, and claims that it's "in the tank" for the Democrats.

Perhaps if they covered rants like GOP candidate "Joe the Plumber" stating “For years I’ve said, you know, put a damn fence on the border, going to Mexico and start shooting"; perhaps if the covered the Dominionist and NAR movements, or Presidential Preachers like Hagee and Haggard with the same fervor as they did Jeremiah Wright; perhaps there might be some credence to the charge.

I'm not sure this part of me is hiding, as it's barely perceptible; but somehow I still think there is hope for the GOP if they would just act and govern with principles and maturity instead of relying on faux charisma and shallow memes.

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