Tuesday, October 2, 2012

CSM Basil Plumley

h/t to Susan Katz Keating

I was honored to ask CSM Basil Plumley (Ret) to be the guest speaker at the US Army Jumpmaster School during my time there. This was well before the movie adaptation of "We were Soldiers", but the book was [and likely still is] on every military professional reading list. We wish him well.

Some of you may remember CSM Basil Plumley as the larger than life and soldier who helped lead men to battle in the movie We Were Soldiers. He is a real person, and a genuine hero.

CSM Plumley served bravely and honorably in Vietnam, most notably alongside the cavalrymen who fought in the Ia Drang in 1965. My good friend Joe Galloway was there. So, too, was the legendary Hal Moore. Those three emerged from combat as lifelong friends who are known as Los Tres Amigos.

Now Basil Plumley is ill. Joe says he is in hospice. 

Please take a moment to say a prayer for CSM Plumley. And also send a card thanking him, one last time, for his service, and wishing him well. Let's give him a good sendoff.

Write to him here:

CSM Basil L. Plumley 
Columbus Hospice
7020 Moon Rd. Columbus, GA 31909

Please. I would consider it a personal favor.


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