Monday, December 21, 2009

Britney Murphy is dead.

What? I'm writing about a celebrity, dead or alive?? Say it ain't so.....

No, not really. But I am going to quote an esteemed Moderator of, who pretty well sums up my opinion on the celebrity drama that crowds out actual news on our pretend 'news' channels:

While I appreciate y’all’s chivalrous Judeo–Christian sentiment on the subject, I don’t share it. …I don’t pretend to be nice person, so I can hate people as arbitrarily as I see fit.

Actors and actresses are the grown up thespian kids from high school that were weird and irritating. If they are successful and make it in Hollywood they somehow inexplicably morph into a social class that’s known for its egocentrism, arrogance and lack of regard for the common man (much like pro athletes tend to do). Yet in the eyes of popular culture, they are somehow role models and therefore enjoy preferential treatment by the political class. So generally speaking, these are people who A) I didn’t like in high school, B) get wealthy doing something I don’t respect, C) at every opportunity shit on the working class people who buy the tickets to their movies, and D) are afforded legal and social advantages that they don’t deserve. …It’s easy for me to hate them.

This gal had a reputation for liking her drugs. Odds are she over indulged and stabilized her own vital signs. That sucks for those who loved her, but I really couldn't give a fuck.


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