Thursday, December 10, 2009

Obama = Bush

Here's the question more Americans should be asking.....why aren't factually based analysis' entering into the national debate? Why do we accept the meme that we are escalating in Afghanistan intent on 'disrupting and destroying terrorist groups'...when we all know that they aren't there? These reasons for escalation are just as intellectually corrupt as the buildup to invade Iraq.

If someone supports trying to defeat the Taliban simply because of their moral temperature when it comes to human rights, fine. Just don't frame it as an imperative to our national security.

Evil must be vigorously opposed, he declared as he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize on Thursday.

We've come full circle with Obama channeling Bush in his invocation of 'evil'. Just another statist, mainstream, god fearing political clone.


  1. I have been arguing about this for weeks and months. People are just not seeing the bait and switch. they are buying into it. amazing absolutely amazing. under this regime they will take the shrub doctrine to the brink. WAR IS PEACE PEACE IS WAR. I AM SICK OF IT.

  2. Amazing how smoothly he said that line isn't it? And without a whiff of shame or hypocrisy...



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