Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Obama the War President

The speech last night at the US Military Academy was a Bush speech. Rhetoric and platitudes. We're sending more forces to a place where Al Qaeda isn' fight an enemy who didn't attack us and prop up a government that is the antithesis of legitimate. Obama spoke of the history of occupation of the Afghan's without mentioning our own occupying force. He spoke of being a partner not a patron to Afghanistan....without mentioning how Afghanistan would be able to sustain itself or it's security forces whenever we do finally leave. He spoke of partnering with Pakistan without mentioning their opposition to the escalation.

And on cue...the perpetual war hawks are on the airwaves decrying the mere mention of an exit strategy. Claiming that this threat is the most serious to face our nation since 1941, they draw comparisons with WWII without the requisite sacrifice or interruption of their daily routine. They speak in flowing vagaries about 'staying the course', 'finishing the job' and not 'surrendering'....without ever a mention of the realities that do not match the rhetoric. They want a perpetual 'long war' that only affects the military and their families, saps our economy, prevents us from reacting to any other threat [or to Al Qaeda itself].....all while subsidizing corrupt Afghans and providing them free health care. Ironic.

I make no apologies for tiring of aimless, vague and pandering rhetoric substituting for national policy. While most of America fixates on balloon boy, Tiger Woods or White House party crashers....I want accountability, direction and political courage. Obama had his chance to show that with Afghanistan. Instead, be mirrored the last Administration.

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  1. I give the speech writers a 10. His delivery gets a 10. Yes, i totally agree and thought the same thing, this speech could have been written for W. We all knew it was coming, he was groomed for this. He is the [chosen one] by the powers that be. [TPTB]. Lots of loopholes for him to slither through. = = = conditions on the ground= = = learn it and learn it well! ! We will be hearing it a lot.


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