Saturday, December 26, 2009

More on the war drum continues to beat

Since I'm in favor of informed decision making.......Information that I'm still trying to ascertain is:

- Is safeguard non-compliance a violation of the NPT? The academic jury appears to still be out on least until the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference in May 2010, where one would think the issue would be raised and decided.

- What is the legal presumption to take military action against Iran in the event they acquire a working weapon? There doesn't appear to be one, yet a sizable number of people agree that that shouldn't stop us from acting unilaterally.

- Are the second and third order effects of such a strike worth the cost compared to allowing Iran to maintain nuclear weaponry unmolested? I believe a more fruitful case could have been made for disallowing Pakistan to gain such a capability, with it's homegrown extremist base and shaky central government.

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