Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What to do with Iran.....

The discussion continues to revolve around sanctions or air strikes, to halt Iran's march towards acquiring nuclear weaponry.

A problem with using air strikes to halt Iran's nuclear program is that would most certainly have the opposite effect, encouraging Iran to redouble it's efforts in acquiring a WMD arsenal.

Further, of the 18 or so known sites, many are located near or in urban and historical areas. A strike would have to rely on a margin of overkill to be assured of effectiveness....thereby potentially causing thousands of civilian casualties. A strike conducted or condoned by the US would only serve to further damage our wounded standing among civilized nations, and further incite those who already believe that we are waging a war [or crusade] against Muslims. This of course would guarantee second and third order effects on our operations in Iraq and name but two.

Only a policy of acknowledging Iran's role as a regional power, encouraging foreign investment, re-establishing diplomatic relations and unfreezing Iranian assets....will succeed in convincing them to halt their nuclear ambitions. This of course must be met with verifiable suspension of the enrichment of uranium and research into nuclear weaponry, with stringent inspections; and the halting of any and all support of extremist groups. While this may simply seem to the flag waving chest beaters as our knowledge, this type of diplomacy hasn't been offered before.

Convince Iran that a deal such as this is in their best interest, as opposed to threats, sanctions and bluster. Iran maintains suitable conditions for transforming into a democratic state in the near term....but a military strike would most certainly stall or reverse that.

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  1. The other question that should be asked is. What to do about Israel? They are the ones that have nukes. They are the ones that have not signed the NPT. We have been involved in Iran since we helped the over throw of a democratically elected government in 1953. We propped up a dictator [The Shah]. To this day we are trying to have a regime change. We have encircled Iran via our troops in Iraq, and Afghanistan. Iran is an Islamic Shia state, it obeys Sharia law. Not man made laws. So, our form of democracy will never work there, or in any other Islamic State. Yet, it can be westernized, and get along in the world community. America, and Israel are the attackers, and occupiers, in the region. NOT IRAN.


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