Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A general note to Islam......and the State Department

In point of fact, making a movie commenting on the sexual proclivities of someone who died some fourteen hundred years ago in no way constitutes “incitement” under any meaningful use of the term.

More importantly, the United States government has no business whatsoever condemning the exercise of free speech, the most fundamental of civil liberties, by a member of the citizenry that employs and finances it. While the First Amendment right to free speech is subject to certain time, place and manner restrictions, the fact that it might “hurt the religious feelings of Muslims” is decidedly not among them.
- James Joyner
 The National Interest


  1. I, personally, would like an admittance from the powers that be that even if it was decided that the video be taken down, that its new found popularity would cause copies to re-spawn indefinitely in youtube and across the net. At this point in time no one controls the internet.

  2. The push is now on to censor any and all criticism of Islam WORLDWIDE!

  3. It only takes a few seconds for a download or a screen capture.


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