Sunday, September 9, 2012

The "Scary Assault Weapons" meme rises again (Updated)

So after a few weeks of hanging around the gun counters, and generally conducting cost comparison regarding AR's...I had narrowed it down to the SIG M400/5.56. Now, there's one at the gun store in Manassas that I can pick up tomorrow....but knowing that my local Walmart had the same platform at a few dollars less...I mosey down to see if it's still in the display case. A few dollars saved is a few more dollars towards Magpul, right?

Not only was my SIG not in the case, when I inquired if they had any in the back....the sales 'associate' told me that two days ago, Walmart [this store at least] was told they could no longer sell "assault rifles".

I haven't yet found any substantiation for where this edict for now I'm left with the cynical notion that somebody decided that a major 'family oriented' retailer should have 'scary looking' weapons within eyesight of your normal citizen [insert commentary about your average Walmart shopper here].


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