Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rhetorical Question for the DNC....

Is Obama going to take credit [again] in his speech on Friday night....about how he withdrew all of our forces from Iraq.... neglecting the fact that it was the Bush Administration who negotiated the SOFA and withdrawal?


  1. But he actually did it, so I'm willing to give him credit.

    He wrecked it all by not immediately pulling out of Afghanistan as well. His announcing our retreat at the same he announced the surge was politically brilliant but strategically stupid. I don't know why we're still there...

  2. SF - Technically correct, but 'actually doing it' didn't require any action on his [or the Administration's part] beyond follwoing through with pre-laid plans.

    I can sort of get past the 'we got bin Laden', as the 'we' can be construed as 'our team'....but his Iraq claim is used as a direct attribution of accomplishment for his Administration.


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