Thursday, September 13, 2012

And Liberty is chipped away...a few ounces at a time

It's only a matter of time before they come for your Hostess Fruit Pies.
They city that never sleeps won’t be able to rely on a late-night sugar rush for much longer: New York City’s Board of Health has approved Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ban on “sugary drinks” in containers larger than 16 ounces from being sold at certain businesses.
One annoying outcome of this half-assed Nanny Statism is how it’s easy it’s going to be to spin an argument for an expansion of the ban regardless of the outcome. If the city’s obesity numbers drop, it will be an argument that the ban worked and it should be expanded. If the obesity numbers don’t drop, it means the ban obviously didn’t go far enough and should be expanded. The drug war’s arguments are on their way to the soda dispenser.


  1. I still can't comprehend how in The Land of The Free and Home of The Brave we have "Boards of Health" telling us what we can and can't eat.

  2. In 2010 a NY Dem tried to ban the use of salt in preparing restaurant foods. Two years later, another NY idiot bans sugary drinks. The food police have certainly arrived. btw - light em if you've got em!

  3. If all you knew about the US was what we learned in high school, then this assault on personal liberty would be as surprising as it is disgusting. However, living through the last decade and learning what we should have learned about history I am merely appalled, but not shocked.

  4. Daniel - I think your own blog puts it best "They will destroy their minds and bodies with drugs, alcohol and unhealthy food if left to their own discretion. Some drugs are just too dangerous to be in the presence of these poorly programmed automatons; they must be banned. Other drugs, such as alcohol, must be tightly controlled and highly taxed to prevent the breakdown of society. The amount of salt, saturated fat, sugar and other nasty ingredients in the commoner's diet must be managed by law if possible. If we fail in that, we can take their money and educate them on the matter."

    The state has taken as it's inherent role, the decision making powers of the individual. It wasn't enough merely to regulate, license and tax us to generate revenue and shape the obsequious society they desired......the now wish to program behavior.

  5. Even as an anarchist, I love the ban. Hopefully, it will show people that you get what you vote for (In a monkey's paw sort of way). You wanted free healthcare and to be taken care of? -Poof- Your wish is granted! No soda for you fatty! Now go clean your room and go to bed! Hopefully people will finally catch on.


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