Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Death Knell for Romney?

It's worth recalling that a good chunk of the 47 percent who don't pay income taxes are Romney supporters—especially of course seniors (who might well "believe they are entitled to heath care," a position Romney agrees with), as well as many lower-income Americans (including men and women serving in the military) who think conservative policies are better for the country even if they're not getting a tax cut under the Romney plan. So Romney seems to have contempt not just for the Democrats who oppose him, but for tens of millions who intend to vote for him. - Bill Kristol
I'm not terribly surprised. Romney was arguably the most popular primary candidate......but from just about the worst field to choose from in my memory. He tries to run as a Conservative, but he's not a Conservative. So what we're left with, is a flipping, reframing, intellectual whirlwind of telling people what they want to hear....all dependent on the audience, and he even does that badly.

If this is the best the GOP can do, they deserve to lose. With the Obama presidency and the worst economic recession since the depression, Mitt should be running head and shoulders above the competition in the polls. At this juncture, I'd say it's Obama's to lose. But for the diehards, it will never be a failing of the's always someone else's fault. They will blame a third party, or more certainly, the media......and thus the status quo will continue.

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