Thursday, September 6, 2012

Did God get the shaft? Part II

The faux hullabaloo over which party shows more [or enough] obsequiousness and submission to the Christian God continues after the DNC's botched attempt at recalibration. Quite distracting from real issues....but a piece at US Catholic puts it best:
But ultimately, what each party says (or doesn't say) in its platform about religion isn't worth getting worked up over. The Democrats may talk big about working with faith communities, but they still failed to incorporate the views of pro-life Catholics who support them on other issues into their platform. The Republicans can brag that God shows up 10 times in their platform, but so do positions that fail to place a priority on protecting the poorest and most vulnerable members of society. 
How many times each party mentions God, faith, religion, or any other term doesn't make one party more friendly to religions than the other, nor does it guarantee that the party's policies and the actions of its leaders will match the values of people of faith. Both parties fall short in that regard, no matter how much lip service they may pay to religion.


  1. I agree with the US Catholic piece, and platforms mean absolutely nothing, but it was funny watching the Dems fumble that one.

  2. Yeah...that entire episode was a train wreck.


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